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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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work day, sue serio. >> that's right, we were just talking about that, i'll be going to margate, there may be few dogs in the studio tomorrow, so make sure you're tuned into the fox 29 morning news to watch mayhem, ensue. it is a eight out of ten today. i think most of the daylight hours will be okay for us even with increasing clouds. 07 degrees, 61% relative humidity, you see pre-sunrise time sunrise 5:34, it is look being like a beautiful sunrise out there this morning. so enjoy the morning hours. enjoy most of the day. things aren't going to change until later on, more toward evening, maybe 5:00, 6:00 when this area of rain moves in. it was just about perfect yesterday, with the high of 85 degrees, just where we're supposed to be for yesterday's date. and today will be right around there again today. the difference is you will see the sky clouding up, toward the end of the day and the possibility of a stray shower, toward the evening drive.
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your sunset time, 8:33, that takes care of your thursday, it is 5:01, bob kelly standing by. still, so many detours out there. >> yes, a lot of the places, that were impacted yesterday the areas that were without power, without traffic lights, same deal for this morning unfortunately, looking live downtown 50-50 here, open westbound on the vine, still closed eastbound coming into philly, give them another few minute or so, we should be ready to go up for the morning rush hour, no problems on the majors the schuylkill expressway looking fine, at city line there. the roosevelt boulevard cottman avenue, northeast philly, watch for an accident, right up there by the roosevelt mall. and concord township, one of the areas hit hard yesterday the baltimore pike, stub closed school house, down to thornton road. all of the areas dealing with the power outage, obviously there is no traffic lights, follow the local detours, in the neighborhoods, it is a combination of either the tree
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removal crews or power crews holds on the new jersey side with the power crews portions of south jersey, you know the neighborhoods, spots without the power, without the traffic light, also, the stretch three separate exit ramps here off 295 still block because of the downed wires and downed trees. >> cherry hill, springdale road power crews are still out there work being the media elwin line running again this morning. all of the regional railings back on track. in other words town -- norristown high-speed line back working and patco high-speed line, as well. left over work crew on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia. but all of the bridges look fine. mass transit again, off to a good start this morning chris, back to you. >> , delaware county officials declared state of emergency calling tuesday's storm listen to this, the fifth worse in history.
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>> one by one rescuing stranded motorists stuck on the road for hours. now, contoured township with more karen what was it like getting there from here? >> it takes forever, can you not get from thereto here as they say. takes a long time to get around, here an hour and a half. we move up with each live shot, take a look, we haven't been able it get develop. so many wires down. , see the safety vest, because this many trees that are down. so so often you get frustrated, you say i called the power company how many times? i can't get my power back up, why is it going to take to friday? why is it going to take to the weekend? if you look just in this little stretch this little, you know whatever, quarter after mile stretch there were so many trees down, so much work that needs it happen just with the tree crews before even the power crews can get out here.
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>> so many people watching my facebook feed, have to throw out one freezer after another refrigerator, food going bad. specifically in this stretch of the woods making good progress, a lot of folks out here. there were number of people trapped. dow want to play for you what it was like, can you even imagine driving along the storm, the lights flashing, all the sudden you see this tree coming done on you and fires falling on top of your car? here's what one man said it was like. >> i honestly thought things were coming to an end. i knew that if i put my foot outside that far car that that was not the thing to do, that could have been very deadly. >> they were concerned about me with this wire below my feet here. but they if i we got to get him out of here, too much cracking going on with all of the other stuff. i haven't told everybody that you love them yet and that, you don't want to say good-bye
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>> firefighters a great job dozen trapped by wires like these, wires still running recalled spaghetti mess, working for some time to get back up. this is the situation here, in delaware county, where obviously we got the state of emergency, so many problems, but i'm also in the g on my facebook page, as we head on over to steve keeley. steve, i'm locking at people saying gosh the turnersville auto mall, closed, telling workers yesterday don't come in, don't get your appointment. that's one of the problems, over in blackwood. let's get right over to moorestown, where steve is right now to see what the latest on the situation is over there. steve, what's it like? >> that's where i was yesterday, black horse pike, still without power still no traffic light working very bad, and that's one of the busiest stretches in all of south jersey, maybe the busiest when it comes to businesses, and number of people who live in that huge suburb washington township. i feel so bad for them, waiting in line for gasoline, if they have a generator like you are talking about no gas for it you don't get any power then. so tough just to get gasoline
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if you are even lucky to have a generator. here in moorestown, nothing more sad than throwing out part of your house with the trash that you don't know when will be pick up, because the public works department is on double overtime. here is the good sign, not just have sunlight coming through the morning but we actually have man-made light coming through. the problem is here on stand wick, you have power on one side of the street, here, and then, no power on the other side of the street. so, powers being restored slowly, and mostly, pse&g has the best news of all saying power will be restored to all it customers without par in moorestown, cherry hill, burlington county by midday tomorrow. a lot worse in gloucester county video whatever we shout yesterday here. they are being told by atlantic electric, which still had 172,000 customers, without power, including these folks that power should be restored, by mid-day saturday, at the latest midnight sunday.
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that's just awful news. and then the people with holes in their roofs, it will be pouring out worried of further damage before the insurance people get to thereto assess the damage from the previous storms. so nothing but trouble for those folks in gloucester county, and how about this for statistic? east greenwich, where the police on facebook say power may not common for five to seven more days? they got the highest wind measurement. 85 miles an hour wind measured in east greenwich, down in gloucester county, that is way more than hurricane force winds that started like 73. that gives you a sense of how much damage was caused by the straight line winds doesn't take swirling winds to do the damage any high wind, that mile an hour, eight an is going to just rip the roof off of a house. here are some of the people, down in gloucester county coping with things.
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>> i am not happy. the entire backyard covered with the tree from next-door. that tree if you would have seen it in relief the tallest tree in the neighborhood, well over 100-foot tall, 150 to 175-foot umbrella just humungous. >> i was in the kitchen. and i felt the floor rumble. and that was it. we came home, and the trees we couldn't get through the street. trees were crossed. it was a mess. this morning, i sat down and cried. but that didn't do a bit of good. so i quit it. >> don't be passing people on the should fer somebody is making a left because you will be running over something like this, there is as oklahoma branch here on stand wick. so a lot of debris still in the road. in fact, if you look john our live truck, you can see the men working big orange sign on the other shoulder, on the other side of the road. big trouble. chris, you know when you take your kids out to shop for a christmas tree? >> right. >> that's the smell until the
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area all throughout south injury jersey, evergreens, i have one over 200 years old lost one in a big storm few years ago, that one survived. >> this but the smell that you smell when you go on one of those christmas tree farms, that's the smell. normally you like that smell happy smell. when if you smell it this time of year, not so happen. >> i no doubt. steve, that sounds bite was cute, and poinent, from that woman, truely the greatest generation right? i would like to sit down and cry but that's not going to do me any good. good for her. great attitude. >> that's right. >> thanks so much. >> we go to steve in moorestown south in gibbstown, coming together to make tough time more bearable. three friends left their damaged homes to help a neighbor in need. robert viet nam veteran had just had back surgery, was alone when the storm damaged his house and knocked out the powerment they tried to save the food from spoiling, came one plan to get them all through.
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>> i had no idea what was hang i saw things swirling, it hit my car car behind me. but, thank god nobody was hurt. >> police at this intersection, where light are out, trees have fallen on power lines at least four exits off 295 in gibbs fawn closed because of power lines in the road. never touch a down power line, you never know if it will be hot. new this morning battle apartment fire in bensalem. flames broke out at the country commons ants. >> six apartment unit, luckily to one hurt. cause right now under investigation. and, police investigating a toddler being struck by car in west philadelphia last night police tell us the driver did stop, after hit that two year old boy.
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that child, right now, in critical condition at chop. >> burlington county firefighter seriously hurt in the line of duty. union fire company one out of medford one of several departments battling a fire, home in tabernacle yesterday morning. paramedics performed cpr on the injured firefighter and helped save his life. another firefighter went to the hospital but was not seriously hurt. >> 5:11 the time. main interstate between southern and northern california shutdown due to this wild fire burning out of control. up and down the goal end state. second person now behind bars, believe it or not, accused of helping the two convicted murderers escape from the up-state new york prison. how authorities claim they helped those killers out. literally.
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>> chris murphy, it started out okay yesterday and this is how it ended up at 10:00. i'm still suffering from the post trauma seeing you like this. >> as are the people of philadelphia, and the tourists in the city.
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after i had this make up put on in honor of the terminator movie coming out i went out in the street and just scared people. can you help me find a hospitale? just hit my face. >> are we going to see video that far adventure? >> we'll together some clips of this at the 9:00 hour of good day philadelphia. >> fantastic. what a good sport you are. i mean it. >> all right looking at our satellite and radar picture hardly seeing a cloud at all and that's a good thing that means, radiational cooling it, means that things are pretty comfortable out there this morning. what is headed our way? this system, and whole new weather pattern for the weaken. this is all part of the system that's going to stall to the south of us over the weekend. we will be on the cool side of that southern system, which means, temperatures will remain below average on saturday, and sunday, tan looks like those temperatures in the 70s are confined just to saturday and sunday. as we look at the future cast for the rest of the day today see the clouds starting to
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increase going through the afternoon, not until after about 6:00, 7:00 that we start to see the showers pop up on our future cast. so that is when we will probably see the stray showers. but it will start looking like it will rain little earlier than that, the balance of the day will be okay, once these clouds roll in, we get more humidity, as well. it rains on and off throughout the night. i think the heaviest rain will stay to the south of us, maybe southern delaware, maybe jersey shore, in the overnight hours, get that heavier rain. speaking of the jersey shore you know we will be in margate tomorrow. stray shower or two but it doesn't look like it is going to be a big deal at all. so plows join us, meet us at lucy the elephant can't miss her. >> rain on and off throughout the rest of the afternoon on friday, and casino of get used to that over the weekend because, i think it will be rain on and off for saturday and sunday, as well. 70 degrees right now but look how cool it is to the north and west of us. reading, 59. fifty-eight pottstown.
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59 degrees in allentown. sixty-four in wilmington, and 66 degrees in wildwood. again, very pleasant morning out there because of these dew points, which have dropped dramatically dew point of course is measure of moisture, once you're down in the 50's, in the refreshing pleasant range. so enjoy it this morning. we had our first heatwave of the season, that's distant memory now sunday, monday, and tuesday, three days in a row with 90 degrees or above. but yesterday got to 85. in the mid 80s again today. eighty-two tomorrow. with those mostly morning showers on friday, we may see peak of sunshine here and there, and then, over the weekend, looking pretty unsettled, with a lot of cloud cover, temperatures in the 70s, and it is steve keeley mention, bob kelly, it is not going it be good for the folks who still need to continue cleaning up with that rain over the weekend. >> been there done, that been without power for about a week couple of years ago when we had a bad storm. and it is not good.
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good morning everybody. 5:17. live look at the benny coming in from south jersey, not bad at all. nice pretty skyline in the background there sun begins to rise over philly. coming in from king of prussia, looking good on the schuylkill expressway, no problems at all into or out of the city on the old schuylkill. later today about 1:00 we kick off that parade of ships, the tall ships, and the big rubber duck coming into town, they'll start the parade here, well, the parade on the water i guess beginning around 1:00 at the walt whitman bridge headed up in toward penn's landing and the camden waterfront. that will be something to look for. we will get skyfox up, load it little later after lunchtime. and concord township, where karen hepp has set up the baltimore pike, still closed, school house down to thorn on road. this whole area, that is without power also comes along, without any traffic light. so just keep that in mind. i went through this stretch yesterday as i headed down
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toward the philadelphia union game and wow the damage and the traffic lights, at all of the major intersections, just out, police were on the scene so that was good news. hopefully they'll be back on the intersections, again this morning, trying to help keep traffic flow. all of the exits along 295 in the areas impacted, exits 15, 16, 17 all remain block to vehicle traffic this morning. over in cherry hill, new jersey route 70, eastbound the two right lanes are taken out, at springdale road, with power crew. but, good news for mass transit commuters. the only mass transit system that is not up and running is the ac rail line. that service is still suspended, until sometime later today but the media elwyn and all of the regional rail lines back on track. the high-speed line running again. and the patco high-speed line, also, in good shape. so that's good news for those coming in from south jersey into philly this morning. chris, back to you. >> that's good news, bob. 5:19 the time. defense will open their case today in the colorado movie
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theater shooting trial. the defense attorneys say they'll focus on mental illness. james holmes has pleaded not guilty in the case, by reason of insanity. twelve people were killed, 70 other injured, in the 2012 shooting homes could face the death penalty if convicted. boston marathon bomber gets the death penalty during sentencing in court yesterday. during sentencing, tsarnaev offered apology to the victims. he said, quote he's sorry for the lives he's taken the suffering he's caused and the damage he's done. their people died, 260 others injured. appeals process could take years if not decades. >> a a second prison worker now charged with helping those two convict escape from a new york prison. would you believe it? officer jean palmer now charged with tampering with evidence as well as official misconduct. the 57 year old is accused of helping richard matt and david sweat break out of the clinton
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correctional facility on june 6. prison worker joyce mitchell also accused of helping the fugitives escape. officials say she gave the killers the tools they needed to cut through their jail cells. >> fox i jacky ibanez report more than a thousand residents have been evacuated from the fire near los angeles. wiped fires burning out of control in several western states with california being the hardest hit thousand people being forced to evacuate as the fast moving fire creeps closer. >> 400 firefighters are fighting the blaze now charred more than 300 acres but despite the danger some homeowners refuse to go leave. >> you get used to it, like an earthquake. so we kind of felt we're used
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to it now. >> northern california crews making progress fighting a fire burning about 50 miles outside of san francisco the so-called loma fire now 08% contained, but concerned resident say the flames are still burning too close to their homes. >> our hill right here pretty much where the fire break is right in the back of us. so, the houses are very close. >> with california in the midst of a historic drought, striking -- drought conditions adding fuels to the fires. but the us forest service is removing dry grass and timber in some areas. and in hopes it will prevent the flames from spreading. >> allows the fire to come up to the forest floors, uprooting the trees. by thinning it out getting the proper spacing it, won't stop the fire but it will definitely slow it down. >> so far no residents have been injured in the fires. jacky ibanez, fox news. let's head across the ponds, shall we? yes, we will explain why queen
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elizabeth has had to notch out of the palace. we'll tell you why straight ahead.
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france is calling for code of conduct. posted on line and in french newspaper, showing the nsa spied on three french presidents, and other officials. current leader, arland, among those on the list. fran's foreign minister summoned the us ambassador
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door to respond while president obama spoke with phone. obama close communication. top counter terrorism advisor acknowledging mistakes in the way they've handled hostage cases. the white house is promising that they'll do better going forward, that was message to the family of more than 30 american hostages around the world. now, the justice department announced hostages families will not face federal prosecution for paying ransom to captors. but, some key lawmakers criticized that move, as providing incentive for more kidnappings. >> britain's queen elizabeth may have to move out of buckingham palace t needs to be, i don't know, given little bit of overhaul, update, you know, it is a he'd being the queen has not done much to the palace since she ascended to the thrown way back in 1952. the building needs major upgrades including, plumbing, wiring and asbestos removal. the cost, it is not that bad
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i mean, $240 million? i mean, in the long scheme of things, it has been since 1952 so if you average out 240 million over few decades? whatever. back here at home, aid pouring in from other states to help get the lights back on after tuesday night's storm. we'll have the latest on that in a live report. plus beyonce coming back to town the made in america festival, how you can get ticket today.
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>> two days after the storm. how long do we have to wait to get the light and air-conditioning back on? >> new aids testing set to open in philadelphia today. why it is a good idea to put it inside a thrift store of all places. >> good day everyone it is thursday june 25th, 2015. my tv wife, lauren dawn johnson, just kind of left me here all alone, sue serio. >> well, you know it only had to be for a good reason, because she wouldn't do it unless it was necessary. >> she'll be back tomorrow. hey, bus stop buddy you know what he sneads. >> what's he need? >> he needs a tan. >> well, you know what? not necessarily. because he wears his sunscreen. >> oh, that's smart. >> yes, he wears it every single day, he applies, and replies, it is okay, he looks just fine. he's wearing the t-shirt he's going to go swimming.
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but later on, there could be some showers probably not until after maybe 6:00, but we've put the umbrella there in just in case. 60s, 70s comfortable start sun's already up, because sunrise is official. well we will show now second. eight out every ten there you go, 5:34 your official sunrise time, 5-mile per hour wind out of the north-northwest, 67% relative humidity nice, nice morning not hardly a cloud in the sky. but look what's headed our way. and it is over chicago, right now, this area of rain, that's going to be moving pretty quickly, toward us, arrival time as we told you little later on. so, we probably will have temperatures similar to yesterday when it was just about perfect. average height for this date is eight a degrees, and we are expecting 86 with sun in the morning, then cloud kind of on the increase throughout the afternoon, possibility of some showers, later on, 5-mile per hour wind out of the north and tonight down to 68 degrees, with on and off showers. we will have the forecast for our visit to margate tomorrow.
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plus cooler change for the weekend. it is all coming up in the seven day. bob kelly is here right now lots of roads still need to be avoided right? >> definitely for sure, sue. specially, in the neighborhoods, do respect those closures, as you roll out of your driveway, try to get to work this morning at 5:32, live look at i-95, no problems at all coming through the work zone, there is skyline in the background, and here is a live look, at the skyline from the jersey side. good news for folks coming over the ben franklin. i think we'll see lighter volume this morning patco back on track no problems currently on the benny and good news for mass transit commuters, probably the biggest positive news we have for this morning the media elwin line, all of the regional rail lines back on track this morning, high-speed line service is resumed and the patco high-speed line trains are running again this morning. however, in the neighborhoods still, a clean up, and repair operation, karen hepp standing by live here along the
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baltimore pike, in concord township, one of the many areas still blocked with not only from the downed trees and wires, you got the utility crews, you got the tree repair crews, and with no power also comes no traffic lights. for anyone headed through the neighborhoods, i came you there this stretch here last night, intersection one after another just without power. police are on the -- police are there trying to keep traffic moving. us just see the devestation as you roll down 352 toward aston, 352 toward i the -- 95. remembers the closures, there for a reason. could be a hot power line or could be blocked by a downed tree. same deal here, along 295 in south jersey, all of the ramps exit 15, 16, 17, are still blocked, because of the downed power lines or the downed trees, so crews are out there working as fast as they can. another half hour or so, they'll be out here along route 70 eastbound at springdale making repairs to the overhead power lines. and, we're in good shape if
5:34 am
your honor headed down to the airport this morning currently philadelphia international airport running with no delays. >> new jersey residents pretty frustrated. they have to wait for their power to be turned back on. they have to wait from tree removal services to make their way into their neighborhoods. fox 29's steve keeley shows us what folks in moorestown are dealing with this morning. steve? >> reporter: chris, some of the power companies are telling us they have to wait for power companies to come from ohio. that's as far as i know that utility workers lending their people and their trucks and their might to help us here in new jersey get power back on. and i lived in ohio. that's 11-hour drive from northeast ohio, if they are coming from the cleveland area. so a long drive. then a long day ahead for the power company crews who are dealing with trees down. and the reason so many trees are still down, and maybe still down over wires is because the tree companies can't work until they get the all clear that those wires are not going to electrocute the tree guys, as they try to
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remove the wood from some high tension power lines. so, it will be a while before homeowners and in this case an apartment building owner gets a tree company free enough to come and do these kind of jobs when they still have to get the trees off so many power lines. let's go to video gloucester county, seems to be the worse hit, because in washington township we've learned that 50 houses, 50 houses, may not even be liveable any more, may have to be completely torn down, rebuilt, because of the damage from big trees so bad. they were telling us the trees cut through so many houses like knives through butter. now, pse&g the company that powers moorestown, they had the good power news. they are saying midday friday at the latest for the last of its people without power to get it back on. atlantic city electric had the most out here in south jersey, 172,000, but they had the bad back on power news, midnight sunday for the latest, they're saying to people, hopefully most by midday saturday. which doesn't sound so good. but better than midnight
5:36 am
sunday. east greenwich hit by the highest wind, eight a miles per hour, had police telling people stay inside. so even if you have no power no air-conditioning, no fans even, they want you to stay inside, stay off the roads because there is so much stuff on the roads and they've got to get the emergency vehicles and utility crews around that. but they are saying it is un driveable through town so bad there, chris. and with holes in the roof, water coming in the night of the storm, one guy we talk to in gibbstown, joe higgins told us water was pouring out of his chandelier. he's looking up at his chandelier, and water pouring outment look like fountain, not chandelier. and now they are worried with the rain in the forecast, this weekend, and the hole far from being fixed in the roof, more damage is going to happen, to a lot of those houses, they're now exposed to the sky and whatever will come out of the sky this weekend. but they got the two-ton tree through the higgins house may have even more damage from the next storm that hit. so not getting much better quicker near south jersey,
5:37 am
but, you got to be optimistic, right, chris? we came back from sandy we can come back to this. >> but your heart owners go out to the 50 homeowners with homes destroyed. 5:37 is the time. exciting news for the end every summer. beyonce coming back to town for the made in america festival. find out how you can get tickets today. and pennsylvania lands on distinct list. who is calling us drunks? next.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies try to sweep a road series for the first time since last july. cole hamels also on the map trying to impress other teams. going to yankees stadium. phillies down two-nothing. >> losing it in the sun. codey got to be there. start off the fourth inning, three runs scored, a run scoring on this chase double. 102 pitches for hamilton, five inning phillies lose it the score there, ten to two. the best catch in baseball yesterday, to tampa. josh donaldson, last year, with oakland there is year with toronto. he is the thirds baseman. this guy makes a terrific catch. dives into the stands. toretoronto wins it in 12 inches one to nothing. nhl presented their awards, and the league mvp was montreal goalie carry price won the trophy as best goalie in the nhl. goal east do carry teams. and the nba draft tonight, the
5:41 am
sixers want d'angelo russell. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 5:41 the time. and she is back. beyonce headlining this year's budweiser made in america festival, and tickets go on sale today at 10:00 o'clock if you are an american express card holder. yes, paying any other way, you have to wait until monday. this time around, beyonce will be headlining with the weekend, philadelphia's own meek mills, and other start taking the stage. concert will be december 5th and 6th. you can see the line up on our website and click on seen on tv tab. >> according to new pole, pennsylvania is one of the most drunk state. in the summertime. the list was put together by the website backtrack. and they only looked at the summer months. now, pennsylvania ranked third on the list, west virginia was followed by nevada, the site says a big shocker was washington d.c., they ranked on the least drunk list. how about that? >> new aids testing clinic set
5:42 am
to open in philadelphia today. why health officials say it is a good idea to put it inside a thrift store of all places, and a turn for the worse as bobbi kristina is now headed for hospice care. the latest on her condition straight ahead. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in
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pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed.
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the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now. >> that's a power trio of all
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time. that's the greater i can clapton on guitar. sunshine sue, from the delaware vale, up to the pocono mountains we will be at the shore down the shore this weekend as well. that's this friday, of course, tomorrow, the whole good day gang will be there live from margate, new jersey, we will be on the beach in front of lucy the elephant at decatur avenue from 7:00 to 10:00. broadcast the entire show live on the san bring your swimsuit, your beach chairs, whatever you need, some sun glock -- block? >> let's hope we need the sun block. >> really? >> i might bring the poncho. now, it is not going to be deluge, but we could have a few showers tomorrow morning. just to spice things up little bit. so in the record books at philadelphia international airport for wind gusts we're number four out of the top five in the history of when records have been kept at philadelphia international airport. number one was 94-mile per
5:46 am
hour winds gust, in october of 1954, but tuesday storm produced 72-mile per hour wind gust recorded at the airport and that's number four, out of the top five. things have calm down, we got chance to do some cleaning up yesterday. so much more is necessary. and, we have a good day for it especially, get an early start, if you can because we do have some showers in the forecast, not until later on in the day you see them now around illinois, and indianna. so for us, the timing of this storm, we start our future cast this afternoon. we see the clouds increasing. then the rain moving in maybe 6:00, 7:00. with spotty showers the heavier rains stays to the south. we have little pop up here, there, and through the night into tomorrow morning and it is still casino of spotty at the shore tomorrow. that's what we're saying for our visit to margate just make sure you have the rain gear just in case. but we will have a good time. and i think it is not going to be a big deal this rain.
5:47 am
the thing is there is possibility of the rain sticking around with few breaks of sun inbetween. throughout the rest of the day on friday, and get used to it, because we also have rain in the forecast unfortunately and those cooler temperatures for saturday and sunday. and looking at the future, estimates of rainfall, we could end up by the end of the weekend, with two 3 inches of rain and a lot of it falling on saturday. so, saturday does look like casino of rainy and cool day. seventy right now. it will probably be around that, during the day saturday. in the 50's to the north of us 60s to the south of us. it is comfortable morning. and as we look at the past seven days, we are where you see the graph here it, will take a dip as we head into saturday sunday, after the first heatwave of the season. sunday monday, and tuesday that just passed. so, 86 today. eighty-two tomorrow. we loose 10 degrees between friday and saturday. we stay in the 70s during the day on sunday, again it won't be raining every single
5:48 am
minute. but those on and off showers will be around, both days of the weekend as this unsettled weather pattern takes hold. then monday, just in time for the weekend to be over, sunny nice high of 83. we warm up even more, as we get closer to the middle of the week. that's your seven day forecast from the weather authority. bob kelly is here, right now still so many detours. >> yes plenty of detours out there if the road is block go around the block. take that extra time the power crews are out there the tree removal crews are out there. and you don't want to get stuck in the middle of a detour there. live look at 422 starting to see some volume pop. the sun bouncing off the tree line there. you work your way out of royersford collegeville, coming in toward philadelphia on the freeway. not bad at all here, roads are dry this morning no problems heading up toward the walt whitman bridge. now, if you see a gigantic yellow rubber duck coming under the walt whitman bridge later on today it wasn't that irish coffee that you had earlier this morning.
5:49 am
we got the parade of tall ships, and the yellow duck coming into philly today about 1:00. is this live? we're looking live, there you go. a hook coming up the delaware, six ships on either side of the river near penn's landing. so they're going to have six ships, six ships set up on the camden waterfront, by the aquarium, the big yellow duck is going to be right in front of the aquarium kids, then on the other side, the philly side, we will have the other six ships set up through the weekend. that's going to be pretty cool. you can't stop on the walt whitman bridge to check the parade coming up here, okay, chris murphy? >> that would be little dangerous. >> that would be little dangerous. the media elwin line, good news back in shape this morning, all of the regional
5:50 am
rail lines running this morning, actually, the high-speed line, service has resumed, and good news for patco commuters the high-speed line back on track also this morning. chris, back to you. >> bob, thank you. let's turn to this at 5:50, bobbi kristina brown has been moved to hospice care after month in the hospital, and lawsuit has been filed against her partner. christina's aunt pat houston said whitney houston's daughter's condition has worsen despite the great medical care at numerous facilities the 22 year old is quote deteriorating brown was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub near her atlanta home in january. a lawsuit filed yesterday against her partner, nick gordon accused him of being abusive toward brown, and misrepresenting the nature of their relationship. much more on that, i'm sure to come. meantime president obama honors national pride month for the lgbt community. yesterday the pros spoke to crowd of community activists and supporters, obstacles his administration has tackled
5:51 am
within the lgbt movement. he said there are many milestones to celebrate. >> together we've been able to do more to protect the right of lesbian gay by sexual and transgender american americans than at any time in our history. tune a young boy or girl out there struggling with their own identity, the folks in this room are heroes, have shown extraordinary courage. not only are you helping others find the strength to be true to who they are you're helping america be true to who we are as a nation. june by the way is national pride month. number of cities across the country host pride festivals during this month of june. >> thousands of mourn verse turned out to pay respects to the pastor killed in the charleston church shooting. the body of pastor clementine -- clementa pinckney lying in state at the south carolina capitol. he was also a state senator. the funeral is scheduled tore tomorrow. president obama will deliver that eulogy. eight other members of the emanuel ame church were killed when gunman opened fire on
5:52 am
bible study class last wednesday. meanwhile, bible study class has resumed just one week after the massacre. the church's interim pastor tells thaws about 150 people attended the meeting in the church's basement. happening today, a ribbon cutting ceremony, will be held for new hiv testing center in south philadelphia. philly aids thrift store just off south market is making room for a minute testing clinic on the second floor. certified counselors from other agent cyst will dot tests, and the results are going to be immediate. the identify see to convince more people to get tested by offering the service in a location where they would be comfortable, outside of traditional clinic. >> 5:52. jackie kennedy was one of the most fashionable first ladies every all time. coming up we'll tell you where you can see an important dress of hers up close.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> good morning, welcome back. time now is 5:55. if they never look at the sun well, we made it easy for you. just look at your tv right now. you can see the sun up over the platt bridge. 07 degrees today. maternity dress worn by former first lady jacqueline kennedy onassis goes up for sale. the dress along with 79 candid photos were include in the yesterday's auction in california. all of the items were owned by the family's nanny maud shaw.
5:56 am
jacqueline kennedy reportedly gave that dress to shaw, shortly after she retired in 1965. the auction house says the photos are extra special because they show never before seen private moments. >> these photos show a complete did i different side of the family where it was just amongst them, and just being relaxed and fun and carefree, and i think that really does come through in the photos. i'm sure they were all take never england, because that's where mrs. shaw cared for the children. >> also included is assigned copy of shaw's book, white house nanny my years with caroline and john kennedy junior. the bidding start at $10,000. time now 5:56. coming up next at 6:00 storm clean up continues, two days after the storm. thousands still without power, all over the area. how long some might have to wait to get the lights and most importantly the air-conditioning back on. plus, see how president obama prompts shutdown a heckler at
5:57 am
the white house. who would not back down. mike and alex are next.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ this is good day philadelphia. >> state of emergency? what exactly does that mean? delaware county, crews work to clean up this mess. how long before power could come back. >> a woman comes face-to-face with a stranger, breaking into her baby's bedroom. what was in that room that let
6:00 am
her know social security just wasn't right. and this: >> yes hold on. okay you know what? no no, no, no, no, no, no. no no, no, no, no, no. >> president obama heckled big time in his house the white house what the heckler was so upset about. >> it is wednesday june 25th. >> no, no, no new york new york, no, no. >> sounds like the kids, no, no no, no. >> or even in the commercial, no no, no, no. >> hi, oh, geez. >> did i not put on my cost met sticks. >> i have to say sue yesterday, the weather was a relief. >> yes, the morning so beautiful, comfortable out there. >> but what happened 36 hours ago!


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